“The Park at Flat Rock has enhanced our community in ways I never imagined.

The wide, accessible and even walking trails provide a much needed location where residents from all over the county can enjoy exercise in a lovely environment.

In my work as a physician, I have heard many success stories of people regaining their strength, mobility and improving their mental health by developing a routine of exercising at the park.

As a resident of the Village of Flat Rock, I appreciate the open green space which abounds with nature and wildlife. I often take my family there to exercise, explore and decompress. My children look forward to this time together. They often bring their bikes to ride the trails as we walk.

The playground has also become a wonderful place to meet up with our friends. I enjoy fellowship with other mothers as the kids play. The playground design allows the children to have fun while also building strength and learning to explore.”

Drs. Anna & John Hicks