A campaign to expand The Park at Flat Rock and help children discover the great outdoors while offering the community a safe, enjoyable environment to congregate and cultivate fellowship.

Play. Learn. Grow.

Recent surveys of visitors to the park have indicated the need for activities for young children along with areas for shelter, picnics, and spaces for group gatherings.  Future amenities requested for the park, identified by survey respondents, include a tot playground, shade and shelter areas and access for all visitors.  Handicapped visitors will find the new area accessible for their limited mobility or wheelchair movement.  In this project, all of these requests will be addressed.

Children who are happy and healthy are an essential component of a vibrant, thriving community. The Flat Rock Park Foundation seeks to support the 2018-2019 building of the new tot playground and covered shelter by securing funds up to $125,000 toward the overall $227,800 projected costs.

We wish to help children discover the great outdoors while offering the community a safe and enjoyable environment to congregate and cultivate fellowship.

The Playground

The current Bryan Playground is used by all ages but was designed for older children, which is a potential a safety issue for young children. An important part of the park’s master plan, the tot playground and covered shelter will be adjacent to the existing Bryan Playground at The Park at Flat Rock.  It will complete our enormously popular playground complex and create a safe, engaging place for active play for children under age five.

Designed for their developmental needs, this playground will provide a safe place for children under five to play. It will also be handicap accessible and offer a sense of inclusion and security to those with special needs.


The Covered Shelter

Currently, there is no shelter available near the playground, exposing everyone to the elements. Seating space is limited, resulting in visitors seeking rest on nearby logs, stones or the ground. A new covered shelter that provides visitors much needed comfort from the sun and inclement weather will bridge the Bryan Playground and the newly constructed tot playground. This structure will serve as a gathering space for patrons and offer a location for observation, relaxation and conversation.

How to Help:

There are many opportunities to help contribute to this project. Here are a few ways you can make a difference.

  • Be a sponsor for Feast and Frolic on August 4, 2018.
  • Attend the Feast and Frolic event on August 4, 2018.
  • Make a generous donation to build the tot playground and shelter.
  • Honor loved ones by giving to name the shelter or picnic table.

Donor Opportunities:

  • Naming of covered shelter: $50,000
  • Naming of tot playground: $50,000
  • Benches (3): $6,000
  • Picnic tables (6): $18,000

Plans & Cost:

Tot Playground: 

  • Grading and Site Preparation $32,800
  • Retaining wall $35,000
  • Playground structures and surface $70,000
  • TOTAL: $137,800

Family Shelter: 

  • Building Design and Installation: $48,000
  • Site Preparation $23,000
  • Electrical and Construction Needs $19,000
  • TOTAL: $90,000